How Do You Find Out Who a Phone Number Belongs To?

Ezra Bailey/Taxi/Getty Images

To find out who a phone number belongs to, use reverse phone lookup, search the number on Google or call back the number. It is advisable to use a reputable company when using a paid service to look up a phone number.

A reverse phone lookup is an easy way to find out who a telephone number belongs to as long as it is listed in the phone book. Websites such as AnyWho and Whitepages offer this service for free. Users are required to fill in details such as the telephone number and area code to locate the owner. A successful result should produce a name and address.

Searching phone numbers on major search engines such as Google is a good way to find unlisted numbers. It is possible to find the name attached to the number if the number has been used on a social media profile or website. There are special websites such as Whocalled that help find numbers suspected to be telemarketers or spam.

If these methods don’t work, call the number back and ask who it belongs to. To remain anonymous, use Spy Dailer or other similar tools, which call the voice mail directly and help to look up the owner for free.