How Do I Find Out Who My Neighbors Are?

Ted Wood/Getty Images

Find out who your neighbors are by using the Internet, knocking on their door or using the reverse address function on a telephone directory website. Additional tools for identifying neighbors include property tax records and school directories, if the family has children enrolled in local public schools.

If your neighbors own their home, look up property tax records in your county to found out the name of the property owner. Read the name on your neighbor’s mailbox or bell. Notice morning, afternoon and evening activity to see who comes and goes. Look for school age children catching a school bus or walking to school. Watch for adults commuting to work or performing outdoor errands.

If you want to meet your neighbors, ring the bell. Alternatively, find a reason to bump into your neighbor. Put out your garbage, shovel the snow or sweep the sidewalk the same time your neighbor does. If you live in an apartment building, do your laundry or get your mail when you hear your neighbor’s footsteps in the hall.

Use social networking to find out more about your neighbors. Initiate or join an established social networking group where you control how much contact you have with your neighbors, and attend building or neighborhood meetings.