How Do You Find Out How Much Porcelain China Is Worth?


Find out how much porcelain china is worth by inspecting its markings, evaluating its condition, and researching its origins and true value. If after these steps it seems to be valuable, have it professionally appraised for a more exact valuation.

  1. Inspect the china’s markings

    Turn over the piece of porcelain to study the markings underneath. If necessary, use a magnifying glass. The markings may show the name of the artist who created the piece, the factory in which it was produced and the date of manufacture. If you cannot identify the symbols or letters, consult a catalog or expert. Once you specifically identify the piece, you can determine its rarity, which is determined by how many were originally made and how many still exist.

  2. Evaluate the china’s condition

    Inspect the china for defects. Damage such as chips and scratches decreases the value of porcelain china, but collectors are sometimes interested in defective pieces that are missing from their collections.

  3. Find out the true value

    The true value of an item is what someone is willing to pay for it. Determine the true value of a piece of porcelain china by trying to sell it at an antique shop or an online venue such as eBay. Try a number of outlets so that you get a broad consensus.

  4. Consult a professional appraiser

    If you suspect a piece may have substantial value, the best way to find out for sure is to take it to a professional appraiser. The appraiser is likely to give you a figure close to the true value of the piece. Additionally, an appraiser with credentials can give you a certified appraisal.