How Do You Find Out How Your Congressman Voted?

Contact your congressman to find out how he voted on any particular issue, or use the U.S. House of Representatives Roll Call Votes Web page at to see how your congressman has voted in roll call votes, as of November 2015. Refer to for your congressman’s contact information if you are contacting his office directly.

Navigate to the House of Representatives Roll Call Votes page and click the link for the 114th Congress, 1st Session for 2015. Roll call vote historical information goes back to 1990. This link pulls up a list in reverse chronological order of all roll call votes for this congressional session. The list provides the actual roll call number reference, the date of the vote, the bill or resolution at issue, the question before Congress, the result of the vote and a short title or description of the issue being voted upon.

Click on the roll call number to view the results of the vote, including how your congressman voted. The final vote results will show how many congressmen of each party voted yea, nay, present or did not vote at all. Voting present means that the congressman is in the chamber, but does not wish to cast a vote one way or the other on the issue.

Under the vote tallies is the list of all congressmen who voted for the issue and below that is a list of congressmen who voted against the issue.