What Was the Original Color of Coca-Cola?


The original, and current, color of Coca-Cola was brown. Many rumors are associated with the popular drink, including that the original color was green. The original bottle was green but the beverage itself has always been the same color.

Coca-Cola was invented in Atlanta by John Pemberton. A pharmacist, Pemberton mixed the first batch of the beverage and took it to the pharmacy down the street. Once mixed with carbonated water, samples were given to customers and the rest is history. The original Coca-Cola recipe included caramel, making the color of the soda the same dark brown that it is currently.

Coca-Cola’s name was invented by Pemberton’s bookkeeper, Frank Robinson. Robinson was known for his meticulous handwriting, and the flowing Coca-Cola logo used today is based on his script.

When Coca-Cola first entered the market, it was sold as a tonic for those who were suffering from fatigue. The marketing efforts promised that the drink would relieve exhaustion. The first Coca-Cola products contained about 9 milligrams of cocaine per glass.

Today, Coca-Cola and its 400 brands are sold in 23 million stores in 200 countries with more than 1.6 billion servings sold each day. It is currently the most widely distributed product on the planet, and the Coca-Cola brand is worth over $83.89 billion.