What Organizations Offer Free Ramps for the Disabled?

Some organizations that offer free ramps for the disabled are the Corporation for National & Community Service, Texas Ramp Project, and the Center for Independent Living. Ramps.org provides a list of other ramp-building programs hosted by different organizations across the country.

The CNCS operates the RSVP, one of the largest networks in the country that aids people aged 55 and above. The RSVP Ramp Builders help build wheelchair ramps for the elderly and other people in need. In recent years, the RSVP builders teamed up with retail home improvement companies, such as Lowe’s, to complete ramps for those in need.

The Texas Ramp Project is solely dedicated to building ramps for low-income elderly and disabled people. Similar to the RSVP, the builders of the Texas Ramp Project are all volunteers and do not receive monetary compensation. The organization prefers to receive ramp referrals and requests from healthcare professionals and social workers, and it prioritizes the elderly from hospices, dialysis patients and other disabled people who live alone and who cannot move about or leave their homes due to disability.

The Disabled Services Center of the City of Jacksonville provides ramps to people with disabilities and mobility movements at no cost. Funded by the ticket fees collected from the Disabled Parking Enforcement Program, and built by the Jacksonville Job Corps, the DSC’s Wheelchair Ramp Program provides and installs ramps to those who need them while providing academic and career technical training to young volunteers.