How Do You Order a Verizon Phone Book?

Eric Thayer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

According to Verizon, White Pages listings can be accessed directly on the Verizon website, or a printed copy can be ordered by calling 1-800-888-8448. Printed copies of the Yellow Pages phone book can be ordered online via the website. From the “Phone Books” tab, click on “U.S. Directories, then search for the appropriate state to find specific listings of each area’s Yellow Pages phone book.

  1. Navigate to the Directorystore website

    Navigate to Once there, locate and click on the Phone Books tab.

  2. Choose the type of directory

    To order a phone book for a U.S. town or region, click on the U.S. Directories link. Click on the other appropriate links if you are looking for a specialty area, such as an international directory, or specialty language, such as Spanish. This page takes you to a map.

  3. Select your town or region of interest

    Click on the state for which you would like to order a phone book. Choose from an alphabetical list of towns and regions that offer phone books to order. Click the Order button next to your town or region of choice.

  4. Complete your order

    Complete the order by clicking on the Check Out option on your shopping cart. You must complete a short registration before paying with your selected credit card. Choose your shipping options based on how quickly you need to receive the phone book.