In What Order Should the Vince Flynn Novels Be Read?

Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp series starts with “American Assassin.” It is followed by “Kill Shot,” “Transfer of Power,” “The Third Option,” “Separation of Power” and “Executive Power.” After those come “Memorial Day,” “Consent to Kill,” “Act of Treason,” “Protect and Defend” and “Extreme Measures.” The final books in the series are “Pursuit of Honor” and “The Last Man.”

Vince Flynn began his Mitch Rapp series in 1999, with the last book published in 2015. There are 14 books in the series, and they were not written in chronological order. The first book written was “Transfer of Power,” which comes third chronologically, and the book that comes first chronologically, “American Assassin”, wasn’t written until 2010. Flynn also has a novel titled “Term Limits” that he wrote prior to beginning the Mitch Rapp series in 1997; it, along with five of the Mitch Rapp books, is a New York Times best-seller.

Vince Flynn has a degree in economics from the University of St. Thomas. He tried to join the Marine Aviation Program, but was disqualified due to seizures he suffered when he was younger. During this ordeal, he decided he wanted to write a book. After five years and 60 rejection letters, Flynn decided to self-publish “Term Limits,” which became an instant best-seller and landed him a writing contract with Pocket Books.