In Which Order Should You Read Nora Roberts’ “The MacGregors” Series?

The release order in “The MacGregors” series was “Playing the Odds,” followed by “Tempting Fate,” “All the Possibilities,” “One Man’s Art,” “For Now, Forever” and “Rebellion.” The novella “In From the Cold” was then released, followed by “The MacGregor Brides,” “The Winning Hand,” “The MacGregor Grooms” and “The Perfect Neighbor.”

If the reader prefers to read the books in the storyline’s chronological order instead of the release order, the first book to read is “Rebellion,” followed by “In From the Cold.” The rest of the books take place in chronological order and can be read according to release order.

Nora Roberts wrote every book in “The MacGregors” series. The first four books were released in 1985; the fifth was released in 1987 and the sixth in 1988. The novella was released in 1990, followed by the seventh book in 1997. The eighth and ninth were released in 1998, and the final book in the series was released in 1999.

“The MacGregors” is a series of romance novels. Most take place during contemporary times, although certain novels are set in the past. Each book follows at least one member of the MacGregor family. Roberts stopped writing books for the series after switching publishers, due to the difficulty in transferring characters to a new publisher.