What Is the Order of Service for a Pastor’s Installation?

In general, the order of service for a pastor’s installation starts with opening prayers and song, continues with the ordination and ends with a benediction. A pastor’s installation is a church service in which a new pastor is charged with his duties and welcomed into the church family.

Before a pastor begins working at a new church, there is normally an installation and ordination ceremony. Usually, this is combined with a regular Sunday service so that he can be ordained and welcomed in front of the entire church family.

The specific order of this type of service may vary depending on the church’s denomination, but the components remain similar:

  • The service normally opens with music, such as a call to worship or hymns sung by the congregation. There may also be scripture readings and an invocation given by a guest pastor.
  • After the opening, there is often a guest sermon reviewing the importance of the ordination and affirmation of faith. The basic beliefs of the church are also restated and reviewed.
  • The next part of the ceremony is the charge of ordination to the new pastor. This is the formal part of the service during which he is given his duties, and he promises to uphold them and be the new leader of the church. The pastor then speaks a few words to the congregation.
  • The service ends with a scripture reading, benediction and hymns. There is often a reception following the service as an informal welcome to the new pastor.