How Do You Order Extra Lifetouch Pictures?

To order extra Lifetouch pictures, go to the website listed on the order sheet or proofs and enter the portrait ID and access code, both of which are listed on the same form. Select the portraits, and complete the order process by paying with a credit card. Lifetouch’s online ordering sites are and, as of 2016.

Lifetouch allows orders before and after the school’s picture day. Pictures remain available to order through the company for nine months after the picture day.

To order pictures through Lifetouch before picture day, visit the home page and enter the picture day ID for the school. Schools include the picture day ID on picture day fliers. Another option to find the ID is the Picture Day Finder tool, which is available on After finding the picture day, pay online with a credit card. To pay with cash or a check, fill out the order form from the school, enclose cash or a check, and then send the form and payment to the school with the student.

Accepted payment options vary depending on the school, as some schools only allow cash and check payments. Lifetouch also offers a reorder form with portraits as an alternative to reordering portraits online.