What Are Some Options for Cakes at the Whole Foods Bakery?

Whole Foods offers its customers a wide range of cakes in its bakeries. Customers can also place special orders for cakes in their favorite flavors. Whole Foods’ special order cakes come in three sizes and serve up to 80 people. Whole Foods also sells gluten-free and vegan cakes.

Whole Foods selection of regular cakes includes common flavors such as chocolate, vanilla and coconut. The supermarket also sells carrot, lemon raspberry buttercream and mousse cakes. The company sells a flourless chocolate cake and a vanilla cake topped with fresh fruit. Whole Foods vegan cakes come in three flavors: vanilla, chocolate and carrot. Although Whole Foods to-go cakes typically have filling and frosting, the supermarket also sells several flavors of pound cake without toppings.

Customers in need of cakes for large events can place special orders at their local Whole Foods supermarket. The company says that customers should place orders 48 hours in advance. Whole Foods bakers customize special-order cakes to according to the customer’s needs.

Whole Foods sells cakes made in its gluten-free bakery. Gluten-free cake flavors include chocolate, coconut, vanilla, salted caramel, angel food and peppermint mousse. Customers should be aware that cake selections vary by season and among Whole Foods locations.