How Do You Operate a Bionaire Steam Mop?

While all models are not exactly the same, most Bionare steam mops can be used in the same way. The first step in using a Bionare steam mop is to vacuum, sweep and dust the floor on which the steam mop will be used.

The steam mop comes with three steam pads, and if you do not have a steam pad, you must purchase one for the steam mop to work. Attach a steam pad to the bottom of the mop so that the cleaning side is down, and the non-cleaning side is sticking to the bottom of the mop. Then, fill the steam mop tank with water. The steam mop does not require detergent or chemicals to work.

Next, plug the steam mop into an electrical outlet. Wait a few minutes for the steam mop to heat up the water and produce steam. Finally, to activate the steam, mop the floor forward and backward and side to side. When you are finished steam-mopping the area, unplug the steam mop from the electrical outlet, empty the water tank if any water remains, and take the steam pad off of the bottom of the mop and throw it in the trash.