How Do You Operate an Accutime Watch?

To operate an Accutime watch, pull the round knob on the side out to its limit. You may need to twist it first to make it pop up, then turn the crown clockwise until the watch shows the correct time before pushing it back.

Turning the knob slowly to minimize wearing down the watch. If the turning goes past the target time, a counter-clockwise turn is necessary to set the watch to an accurate position. The hands should stop moving when the knob is pulled out so you can adjust the time shown by the watch.

Push back the knob just when the minute changes on the watch so you can use it as a reference to ensure an accurate time setting. For an accurate setting, you need to wait until the second-hand points to 12 before setting the time.

Adjust the time so the watch starts at the beginning of the minute rather than in the middle; this makes it easier and faster to adjust the time. The hands of the watch should start moving once the knob is pushed back to its initial position. In case they do not move, push the knob in further until a small click is felt.