How Do You Open a New Account on Skype?

To open a new account on Skype, go to the Skype website, and click Get Skype, then click Join Us. Fill out the profile information, and submit it to activate your new account.

  1. Visit the Skype website to open an account

    Go to Skype, and click the green Get Skype button. On the next page, click Join Us to open the account sign-up page.

  2. Enter your account information

    On the account sign-up page, enter your first and last name, email, phone number and location. Create a Skype user name and password, and submit your profile information.

  3. Manage your new Skype account

    After clicking Submit, manage your new account on the welcome page. Download Skype to your computer or device if you have not done so.

  4. Download Skype

    To download Skype, click on the green Download Skype for Windows button on the welcome page. Click on the set-up file that appears on your screen, and follow the instructions for installing Skype. To install Skype on a separate device, click the Get Skype on Other Devices hyperlink on the welcome page. Select the device on which to download Skype, and follow the instructions. Once Skype finishes installing, sign in to use your new account.