How Do You Open a Maytag Washer to Repair It?

Maytag manufactures many types of washers, but they fall into two main categories: top loading and front loading. The process for opening a top loading washer involves removing the front and top panel, while fixing a side front loading washer requires removal of only the bottom front panel.

Only attempt to open a washing machine if you have experience with washer repair. When opening a top loader, the first step is to disconnect the power to the unit by unplugging it from the wall or turning off the breaker in your fuse box. Ensure there are no clothes left in the drum, and then remove the two screws on the bottom of the cabinet front and disengage the top clips. Remove two screws inside the cabinet, and remove the cabinet top.

To open a front loading washer, ensure the unit is unplugged or the breaker in the fuse box is turned off. Tilt the unit back and slide blocks under the front legs for easier access to the screws near the bottom-front corners of the machine. Remove the screws, and lift the bottom front panel. If the machine is not draining properly, a common solution is to clean the filter, which is readily accessible once the front panel is removed.