How Do You Open a Honeywell Thermostat?

Opening your Honeywell thermostat is a fairly simple and quick task. There are two different kinds of openings that Honeywell thermostats have. They either have a slide or swing opening that allows you to access the thermostat controls inside.

  1. Determine the type of opening

    Look over your thermostat and determine whether it has a sliding or swinging cover. Either cover is easy to open, but each takes a slightly different technique to remove. The cover will not come completely off of the thermostat no matter the cover type.

  2. Swing open the cover

    If your Honeywell thermostat has a swinging cover, there will be an edge that sticks up around the side of the thermostat. Find that location, and use your fingers to grasp the edge of the cover and gently swing it open. It will either swing up or down, or side to side.

  3. Slide open the cover

    If instead your Honeywell thermostat has a cover that slides, you will simply need to grasp both sides of the thermostat with your hands, one on each side of the cover. Then carefully pull the cover in a downwards direction until it has reached the end, where it will reach a stopping point.