Is There an Online Raikes Bears Collectibles Price Guide?

Although there is no single pricing guide for Raikes teddy bears online, there are several sites that offer both value estimates and sellers’ asking prices, including, Lunch Time Shopper, WorthPoint and eBay. To get a clear estimated price, it is possible to compare listings among multiple sites.

Raikes teddy bears are made of mohair, with hand carved wooden faces. Each bear was designed by creator Robert Raikes and sold through the Applause company from 1985 through 2010. Because the company no longer manufactures the bears, the market for them is entirely secondary.

Many collectibles websites have listings for Raikes Bears. WorthPoint is a site for pricing antiques and collectibles for a fee. Through joining this site, users can enter their items, such as the Raikes Bears, and the website or mobile app returns a value. The Raikes Bears listed for sale or auction on eBay range in price from $1 to several thousand dollars, as of 2015.