How Does One Write a “Welcome to the Family” Speech?

To write a “Welcome to the family” speech at an engagement celebration or a wedding, start by talking favorably about the bride and groom. Then, speak about the family, and express your joy at the newest member.

  1. Talk about the current member of your family

    Open your speech by talking briefly about your relationship with the bride or groom. Tell a funny or touching story, and express your love and admiration for the individual.

  2. Talk about the incoming member of the family

    Transition into talking about the new member of the family by mentioning when he came into the picture. Alternatively, talk about how the person has made your existing family member a better or happier person. Say positive things about the person’s character, or tell a sweet story that demonstrates the strength of the bride and groom’s relationship.

  3. Bring the family into the speech

    Explain to listeners that the new member of the family is getting more than a spouse — he is getting a second family. Speak directly to the new member, and offer a heartfelt invitation to become a part of the family, mentioning how he fits in. End by welcoming the person to the family, and toast the bride and groom.