How Does One Write a Church Membership Transfer Letter?

hibino/CC-BY 2.0

A church membership transfer letter should include the name of the church a person attends and the name of the church he wishes to transfer to for future services. When writing a church membership transfer letter, the writer should offer detailed information, such as reasons the transfer is necessary and justification for entrance into the new church.

The letter should begin with recognition that the church member is in good standing at the existing church. A person in good standing is someone who attends services regularly and contributes to the church’s overall goal through volunteer work or monetary contributions. Secondly, the letter should address the reasons for the church transfer. For example, if a person is moving to another geographic area and the new church would be more convenient to attend, this should be noted. In addition, if the person prefers another congregation due to its involvement in the community or service style, this should also be mentioned. The letter should also come with the blessing of a previous pastor or minister acknowledging that the churchgoer was an active member of the church community and providing his blessing and support for the person’s decision to transfer to a different church.