What Is a One-Wheeled Bicycle Called?

Alfonso Bernal/Moment Open/Getty Images

A one-wheeled bicycle is called a unicycle. It typically consists of a frame with a saddle that is attached to the wheel hub.

Unicycles are believed to have been an adaptation of the world’s first bicycle, the Penny Farthing, which had a large front wheel and a smaller back wheel. The seat of a unicycle comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are often slightly curved downwards and symmetrical. Unicycle seats are padded on each end in order to protect the rider in case of a fall. Some of them are built with handles at the front to allow the unicyclist to perform various tricks.

Unicycles are produced in two phases. The first phase involves the making of individual components. Different manufacturers specialize in specific components. In the second phase, the manufacturer purchases the individual components and assembles them.

Like two-wheeled biking, there are several different styles of unicycle riding. Mountain unicycling involves riding down off-road trails or mountains using unicycles with large tires. In freestyle unicycling, cyclists perform stunts and tricks similar to those done by BMX riders or skateboarders. Unicycle hockey is a sport that is similar to roller hockey or street hockey, except the players are on unicycles.