How Does One Get Rid of Tree Frogs?


To get rid of tree frogs, place salt or citric acid in the areas where the frogs congregate. Additional methods include using high doses of caffeine, or a mild bleach solution to help control the treefrog population in a particular area. Commercial traps are available as well.

Tree frogs that are frequently found near pools and other water features can be deterred by placing a thick layer of salt around the area. Salt water spray can be used in place of bagged salt. Mix a solution of white vinegar, salt and water, and spray the affected areas as needed. Commercially prepared citric acid sprays are also an option. Citric acid sprays are available at most hardware stores and should be applied according to the directions on the packaging. Both salt and citric acid may damage plants growing nearby.

In regions where Cuban treefrogs are an issue, capturing and euthanizing the frogs is recommended. To capture the frogs, place several 3-foot sections of 1 1/2-inch PVC pipe in the affected areas. After the frogs have entered the pipe, dump them into a plastic bag, and apply an over-the-counter numbing agent, such as benzocaine, to the tree frogs’ backs. The numbing agent puts the frogs into a deep sleep. After the frogs have been treated with benzocaine and are unconscious, the recommended procedure is to place the entire bag into a deep freezer for 72 hours, and then throw the bag with the frogs into the trash.