How Does One Remove a Name From a Deed?

Removing a name from a deed requires filing a quitclaim form with the local county clerk’s office. The quitclaim form is the only legal means to remove a name from a deed. A deed of conveyance form is required for adding or changing names to the deed.

  1. Obtain a copy of the deed

    To remove a name from a deed, procure a copy of it and verify that it includes the name in question. The deed may be obtained from the county clerk’s office in the county where the property is located. Copies may also be obtained online, but online availability varies by the age of the deed and the location of the property.

  2. Complete a quitclaim form

    Obtain and complete a quitclaim form. It can be obtained from stationary stores or from the county clerk’s office. The individual to be removed from the deed is required to fill out the quitclaim form using the same name shown on the deed. Once filled out, the form must be notarized to prove that the named person signed the document.

  3. Review and file the quitclaim form

    Review the quitclaim form for errors, then file it with the county office where the original deed was filed. Some counties may require additional paperwork, such as tax forms, to supplement the quitclaim filing. Request a certified copy of the new deed from the recorder’s office at the time of filing.