Why Is One Nostril Always Blocked?

WIN-Initiative/Neleman/WIN-Initiative/Getty Images

One of the most common reasons a person’s nostril can be blocked is because of nasal polyps, which are characterized by the growth of tissues in the sinuses and nasal passages. Large nasal polyps can block a person’s nostril. This symptom can be similar to the symptoms of a common cold.

The main cause of nasal polyps is not yet known, as stated by the National Health Service. They can occur due to inflammation in the sinuses and the nasal passages. The cause of the inflammation is also unknown. There are several conditions that are believed to increase the chances for a person to develop the polyps, including arthritis, aspirin intolerance, cystic fibrosis and allergic rhinitis. In some cases, the polyps may lead to a sinus infection that makes a person’s face become tender and painful.

Seeking medical attention can help in getting rid of the polyps. The doctor will examine the symptoms and may conduct a test to locate the polyps in the sinuses or passageways. The doctor may recommend a steroid medication that eliminates the polyps by shrinking them. The medication is usually in the form of a spray or nasal drop. In some situations, a person may need surgery if the polyps do not respond to the medication.