How Does One Log in to Netflix?


Log in to Netflix by entering your registered email and password information into the space provided on the Netflix homepage on a computer or the login screen on an app. After you enter the necessary information, accessing your Netflix account should take a few seconds.

  1. Connect to the Internet

    As Netflix is an Internet-based service, an Internet connection is required to connect with the company’s servers that verify your information and connect you to the streaming content.

  2. Go to the login screen

    On your device, access the login screen for your Netflix service. On an Internet browser, you can access the login page by entering “” in the URL bar or searching for the Netflix home page on a search engine and clicking the correct link.

  3. Enter your email address

    In the first available box on the Netflix login page, enter your full email address, including the ampersand and the information after it.

  4. Enter your password

    In the second box on the page, enter your complete password. As you type, the information is represented on the screen by dots, so accuracy while typing is important.

  5. Click the Sign In button

    After all of the preceding information is entered correctly, click the red Sign In button below the password box. If desired, check the box by the text “Remember me on this device” to save your login credentials on your device.

  6. Troubleshoot as needed

    If your login attempt is unsuccessful, check that all of the information entered is accurate. If the problem persists, contact Netflix support at the contact information located on the lower-left corner of the login screen.