How Do You Get a One-Day Free Pass for Sam’s Club or Costco?

Those wishing to visit and shop at Sam’s Club without a membership can print a one-day pass directly from the store’s official website. Costco, on the other hand, does not offer any sort of free trial membership.

The one-day pass for Sam’s Club entitles the bearer to shop at the members-only store for a single day and experience the membership on a trial basis. People who choose to use this one-day pass, however, should be aware that the store charges a 10 percent fee over and above all merchandise’s listed price. This fee is applicable to anyone who is not an actual member of the Sam’s Club stores.

The Costco chain offers three membership levels, including Executive, Business and Gold Star memberships. Anyone can purchase items from Costco’s website without a membership, but purchases in the store require a valid membership card. Costco memberships can be purchased directly from the store’s official website or by visiting the membership counter in any Costco warehouse. Membership requires an application and fee, which is 100 percent refundable within the first 90 days.

Both Sam’s Club and Costco offer memberships to the general public in an effort to provide high-quality products at lower prices.