How Does One Add a Notary Signature Line?

While the laws regarding a notary attaching a loose notary signature line vary, some states, such as Montana, allow notaries to add the statement using a 2-inch by 4-inch shipping label with the appropriate language. The notary signs the line and places his seal partially on the label.

  1. Determine if your state allows you to add the certificate

    Contact the state’s notary commission or consult the state statutes to determine if attaching the certificate is allowed. In most locations, the person presenting the document for notarization must choose the appropriate wording if it is not preprinted on the document.

  2. Create and attach the label

    Create the notary signature line on a mailing label. Peel the label from the wax sheet, and attach it at the bottom of the document. Make sure there is room for the seal between the text and the edge of the document.

  3. Witness the signature

    Have the client sign the document. Complete the information on the certificate, including the date it is notarized.

  4. Apply the seal

    Apply the notary seal to the document. Imprint both the document and the attached signature line.

  5. Record the act in the notary journal

    If your state requires you keep a notary journal, include the act in the journal. In the notes section of the journal, record the type of signature line attached to the document.