Is There an Omen for Birds Flying Into Windows?

Dennis Fischer Photography/Moment/Getty Images

According to Nature Center Magazine, a common superstition says that birds flying into homes through windows or flying into closed windows signifies that death is approaching. The most common form of this superstition is that birds, especially black birds, are an omen that a loved one is going to die soon.

The origins of this superstition trace back to a time when society did not have scientific answers about how the world functions, according to Snopes. People noticed unusual occurrences and would not attribute them to coincidence but to a sign from a god. A bird flying into a home is a rare event, so a person is more likely to notice and remember it. If a loved one dies soon after this memorable event, a superstitious person is more likely to blame the bird than come to terms with the unpredictable nature of death. Superstitions are a tool societies use to attempt to control the unpredictable world around them.

The bird superstition is so prevalent that actress Lucille Ball refused to stay in hotel rooms with birds on the wallpaper, Nature Center Magazine says. Ball attributed her father’s death to a bird that flew into their home in 1915. Others who believe the omen will not keep birds as pets and will go to great lengths to make their windows visible from the outside.