What Are Some Old Wives' Tales About Itchy Noses?

old-wives-tales-itchy-noses Credit: Rebecca Ellis/E+/Getty Images

The most common old wives' tale about itchy noses is that they mean a person is coming to visit. If it is the right nostril, the visitor is female, and if it is the left nostril, the visitor is male. Another wives' tale states that a person with an itchy nose is about to be kissed by a fool or get into a fight. Meanwhile, internal nose itches signal trouble.

Old wives' tales also explain itching of other body parts. Itchy palms relate to money. A left palm itch means money is coming, and a right palm itch means money is going. A right palm itch also means that the itchy person is going to shake the hand of a fool. Itchy soles of the feet indicate impending travel, and an itchy stomach precedes an invitation to dine.

Itching, burning or ringing ears mean the person experiencing the symptom is the subject of gossip, though the nature of the gossip is under dispute. If the offending ear is the left ear, the subject may just have a loved one thinking of him or may have someone speaking poorly of him. If the right ear itches, the gossip may be either positive or negative.