How Old Was Medusa When She Died?

Angela Marie Henriette/CC-BY-2.0

Though there are several versions of the Medusa myth, there is no mention of her age at death or any other age-related information. In the versions where she is described as being born a mortal, she is described as a young maiden and a priestess of Athena.

In early versions of the legend, Medusa was born a Gorgon, a hideously ugly female monster with snakes for hair, along with her sisters Sthenno and Euryale. In later versions, she was born a mortal with blond hair and is made a monster by the goddess Athena as punishment for violating her oath of celibacy with the god Poseidon. She was hunted and killed by the hero Perseus, who decapitated her, releasing thousands of snakes that are said to have infested Africa.