How Do You Get an Oil Stain Out of a Granite Countertop?

One of the most common ways to remove an oil stain out of a granite countertop is to clean the surface, make a cleansing poultice, apply it to the stain, remove it after 2 days and rinse it off. The surface of granite is a bit more porous than most other stones, which means that liquids such as water and oil can penetrate it. Oil that leaches into granite leaves a stain on the surface, which can be difficult to clean off.

The following shows one method of making a homemade poultice that can help draw out and clean an oil-stained granite countertop.

  1. Wash
  2. Clean the stained surface with hot water and a mild soap. The stain may be removed by just using this simple method, but if the stain persists, proceed to the next step.

  3. Make a poultice
  4. To make a poultice for oil stains on granite, mix 6 percent hydrogen peroxide, liquid bleach or acetone with an absorbent material such as paper towels, flour, molding plaster, chalk, Fuller’s earth or talc. The mixture should have the paste-like consistency of a cake icing or oatmeal.

  5. Apply on stain
  6. Wet the stained area using the liquid used in the poultice. Place a half-inch poultice to cover the stained area on the countertop. Cover with a plastic sheet and leave on for 2 days.

  7. Remove the poultice
  8. After 2 days, wet the poultice with cold water and remove with a plastic or wooden spatula. Wipe away the excess moisture and let the countertop dry. Repeat the entire process if needed.