What Is the Official Shuffleboard Table Length?

Official tournament shuffleboard tables measure 22 feet in length while standard indoor shuffleboard versions for homes, bars and game rooms range between 9 and 14 feet. The width of standard shuffleboard tables range between 16 and 20 inches while the height of the playing field is 30 inches.

Also known as American shuffleboard, table shuffleboard is a popular tavern game in which the main objective is to score the most points by pushing pucks by hand from one end of the table to the scoring end of it. The game can be played by two (singles) or four (doubles) players and each of them get alternating turns to push four pucks across the table. Only the puck that lands at the highest scoring area on the table will be tallied at the end of each of the players’ four turns.

Shuffleboard table games are similar to deck shuffleboard, with the main differences being that deck shuffleboard is played on a longer surface and the pucks are pushed using cues. While the players use the same standard weighted pucks, the speed at which they travel along the shuffleboard table can vary depending on the type of “wax” used on the table surface. The wax, which is actually made of silicone beads, is available in slow, medium to fast speed versions.