What Are the Official Rules of Rummikub?

easy13/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Rummikub is a rummy game that is played with tiles instead of cards. There are multiple ways to play, each with its own variation on the standard Rummikub rules. Here are the rules for the Sabra Way.

The Sabra Way is a Rummikub game variant for two to four people. It uses 106 tiles, including the two joker tiles. Each tile has one of four colors: black, red, orange and blue; and a number from one to 13. Each player chooses tiles that add up to a total of 50. To win, the player must get rid of all the tiles she is dealt, or, failing that, have the lowest combined score, which is taken by combining the values of all of her tiles. The player must create runs, which are sets of cards with the same color that increase in number (for example, three blue cards numbering three, four, and five) or groups, which are sets of cards with different colors but the same number. A joker can be substituted for any number or color of tile, but it counts as 30 points if it is still in a player’s hand when the game ends. If a player cannot place a tile into one of the existing runs or groups on her turn, she must draw a tile from the pile until she has a move available.