What Are Some Offertory Prayers?

An offertory prayer is a one that gives praise to God for his control over the universe and thanks God for choosing to save his children. Other offertory prayers ask that God use monetary gifts to help neighbors in need. Additional offertory prayers ask that God’s followers might serve others.

A common offertory prayer is the “Invitation to the Offering” for the 21st Sunday after Pentecost. The prayer asks that God’s followers might joyfully give back an offering to God. Offertory prayers commonly ask that followers of Christ give both monetary and spiritual gifts in a way that pleases God.

Speakers often praise God for giving people gifts that they can use to serve God. Prayers often also include petitions that God continue to draw his followers near and a request that God allow his followers to continue to worship and serve enthusiastically. In addition, offertory prayers often celebrate God’s presence on earth and the thrill of receiving God’s salvation.

Other prayers ask God to spur listeners to give generously and remember that all things belong to God. Often, prayers ask God to help listeners depend on God for providing necessities in life rather than worrying about the future. In addition to finances, some offertory prayers ask God to help listeners give time in addition to giving money. Giving joyfully is another common theme in offertory prayers.