How Do You Obtain Pilot Car Certification Online?

Obtain pilot car certification, in the states that require such licensing, in person or through the mail with the state’s licensing agency, typically the Department of Motor Vehicles or Department of Transportation. Programs for escort vehicle operations certification handle the paperwork in exchange for class fees.

Pilot car training courses often encompassing a single-day, eight hour training session detailing the responsibilities and equipment of the role. The session culminates with an exam requiring a minimum passing score for certification.

Escort vehicles are responsible for preceding oversized, overweight or extremely hazardous freight trucks. They check bridge heights on extremely tall loads and bridge capacities for heavy loads and generally act as an early-warning system for the freight driver. In the event of a questionable situation, they use equipment such as warning signs, flares and cones to direct or divert traffic as needed while the protected freight passes or bypasses the restriction.

A state that requires certification for pilot car drivers often has bilateral arrangements to accept documentation from other states, provided that the minimum standard of equipment and conduct are adhered to. The prerequisites for a pilot car driver differ by state, but generally require a driver to be 18 years or older, have a valid automobile license and carry liability insurance.