How Do You Obtain a Copy of Your Louisiana Birth Certificate?

As of 2014, birth certificates from 1907 to the present are managed by the Louisiana Center of State Registrar and Vital Records. Requests are honored in three ways: in person, by mail or online. Louisiana does not consider birth certificates public record, so only the person listed on the certificate, his spouse, parents, siblings or his legal guardian may request a copy.

  1. Request at the Vital Records Central Office

    Present a completed birth certificate request application and accepted identification documents in person at the Vital Records Central Office located in downtown New Orleans. Appointments are not needed. As of 2014, in-person requests require a $9.00 fee for short-form certificates, or $15.00 for long-form certificates.

  2. Visit a vital records kiosk

    In-person requests may be made at one of nine record kiosks located throughout Louisiana. While requests are processed on site, birth certificates are mailed to the requester’s home address or the Vital Records Central Office.

  3. Request by mail

    Mail a completed application and a clear photocopy of your driver’s license to the Vital Records Registry in New Orleans. As of 2014, mailed requests require a $9.50 fee for short-form certificates, or $15.50 for long-form. Delivery may take up to 12 weeks.

  4. Request by phone or online

    Contact the VitalChek Network for phone or online requests. Applicants must provide proof of identity through a government-issued photo ID. As of 2014, the fee structure ranges from $9.00 to $15.00 for short- and long-form certificates.