How Do You Obtain a Free Copy of DD-214 Military Discharge Paperwork?

Navigate to the Veterans Service Records page of the National Archives website where you can submit a request for free DD-214 paperwork either online, by mail or by fax, as of December 2015. Request the DD-241 online using the eVetRecs link, or click on the alternate link to get a SF-180 form to request a DD-241 by mail or fax. Using the online eVetRecs still requires an authorizing signature to be faxed or mailed.

No fee is charged for a veteran or his next of kin to receive a DD-241 from federal records. If the DD-241 must be pulled from archived records, a fee may apply; in this case, the veteran is notified beforehand.

Any military veteran, or his next of kin if the veteran is deceased, can order a DD-241. Information required in the DD-241 request includes the veteran’s full name, service number, Social Security number and dates of service. Recommended additional information includes the reason for the request and any deadlines by which you need the DD-241. Emergency or urgent DD-241 requests may be accommodated if so indicated in the Comments section of the request, whether online or by using a SF-180 form.

The response time for a DD-241 varies, and about 92 percent of separation record requests get a response within 10 days. Depending on the situation, the request may take up to six months to complete.