Where Do You Obtain a Code to Link Your Dish Remote to Your Roku Device?

Roku provides a list of remote control programming codes online at Roku.com. The code for DISH Network remotes is 535 or 556, depending on the manufacturer of the Roku device.

To connect a DISH remote to a Roku device, point the remote at the device while pressing and holding the appropriate device button. This causes all four buttons on top of the remote to light up. Next, enter the appropriate three-digit code.

If the Roku device is manufactured by Hisense, Insignia, TCL or Haeir, enter 535. If the device is manufactured by Sharp, enter 556. Entering the correct code causes the corresponding mode button on top of the DISH remote to light up.

Next, press the # key on the bottom right corner of the remote control’s keypad. The corresponding device button on the remote should light up three times. Finally, power down the device.