How Do You Number Volumes and Issues in Newsletters?

To number the volumes and issues of a newsletter, use volumes to refer to the year it was published, and use issues to refer to the number issued that year. Include the date.

  1. Use volume numbers for years

    Use the volume numbers to indicate the year the newsletter was published. The first year of newsletters would be volume one. In the second year the newsletters are published, list the newsletters as volume two, and so on. Volume is abbreviated “Vol.” You may use regular digits or Roman numerals for the volume number.

  2. Use issues for the number per year

    Use the issue number for the number of times the newsletter has been published that year. For example, if it is a weekly newsletter, the issues would be numbered one through 52. The first one would be issue number one, the second issue number two, and so on.

  3. Include the date

    Include the date the newsletter is published. If the newsletter is weekly, write the month, day and year. If it is monthly, write the month and the year. If it is published quarterly, write the season and year. For example, the third issue of a monthly newsletter in its fourth year would be written Vol. 4, No. 3, March 2014.