What Does the Number 25 Mean in Biblical Numerology?

The number 25 stands for grace upon grace, as 20 stands for redemption and 5 stands for grace, and 5 multiplied by 5 equals 25. This motif recurs throughout the Bible and has significant symbolic traction in numerological circles.

Various events in the Bible are symbolically tied to the number 25. King Jehoshaphat reigned for 25 years, while Ezekiel experienced his vision of the temple in the 25th year of his imprisonment. These events are mirrored elsewhere in verse and structure, creating an interlocking symbolic portrait that further defines the number and its relation to Biblical mysticism.

The books of Jude and Philemon possess only 25 verses apiece, making them of special interest in this particular corner of numerology. Also of note are the many verses containing every alphabetical symbol but Q, which because of translation is a very complicated question. These verses have special symbolic significance related to forgiveness, mercy, and the cleansing and rebirth of the soul. Grace within grace is the idea that God’s grace is bottomless, that it comes out from itself without end.

There are 24 elders seated on thrones about the throne of God on high. This total, 25 thrones and 25 occupants, is highly significant and in some circles has been cause for the elevation of the number. It is closely intertwined with angelic numerology and other obscure disciplines.