What Are Some Norwegian Pet-Names for a Grandma?

Norwegians refer to their grandmothers as “godmor,” “gammlemor,” “farmor” and “mormor.” The latter two refer to the father’s mother and mother’s mother, respectively. The generic name for “grandma” is “bestemor.” Swedes and Danes also use the terms “farmor” and “mormor” to refer to paternal and maternal grandmothers.

Scandinavian countries tend to use kinship terminology when referring to grandparents in order to distinguish between the paternal and maternal sides of families. Grandchildren are also named according to kinship. While the generic name for grandchildren is “barnebarn,” the daughter’s daughter is known as “datterdatter,” the son’s daughter “sonnedatter,” the daughter’s son “datterson” and the son’s son “sonneson.”