What Is the North Carolina DMV Sign Test?

The sign test in North Carolina is intended to determine whether a driver can interpret and follow the directions given by signs used by the state Department of Transportation on public roadways. The North Carolina DMV administers several tests to new drivers and new residents, though the sign test is the only test required for both groups.

New residents of North Carolina must apply in person at their local DMV to obtain a license that certifies them to operate a motor vehicle on state roadways legally. This must be done within 90 days of becoming a resident of the state to avoid being cited. New drivers are required to pass a written test, a sign test, a vision test and a driving test to determine their ability to operate a vehicle safely while abiding by state vehicle safety laws.

As of June, 2014, drivers needing to renew their license can place an order through an online service as long as their current license is still valid. Licenses renewed online utilize the driver’s last available photo and are mailed to the address on record with the DMV. Drivers who no longer live at the address on record are still able to obtain their license in person at a local DMV office.