How Normal Is It for a Bruise to Sting?

Daniel Pacquet/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Bruises can be very painful and unpleasant, and it is not uncommon for them to have a stinging sensation, especially if the bruise is caused by an insect bite. Bruising can be caused by a wide variety of injuries and complications, so if one is unsure about the source of bruises, they should speak with a doctor, as this could be a sign of a more serious condition.

Bruises can sting as well as swell up, discolor the skin and cause a general feeling of soreness around the skin. Many insect bites, particularly those from ticks, can cause bruising and other forms of skin irritation, like itchiness and soreness.

Bruises happen when blood vessels beneath the skin break; these blood vessels will repair themselves, but the lost blood stays trapped under the skin, usually for a few days. This is what gives the skin the discolored look. Bruises usually change color through three stages. When a bruise first forms, the skin around the area of the injury can be red; this color soon changes over the next few days to a black and blue hue. As the bruise begins to fade, the color changes to a yellowish tone.