What Are Some Non-Acidic Fruit Juices?

Although no fruit juice is completely non-acidic, some fruit juices contain lower amounts of acid than others, including apple, apricot, peach and plum juices. In addition, Tropicana makes a type of orange juice that is low in acid.

Apple juice is one of the least acidic fruit juices available. An apple is one of the types of fruits that contains the least amount of acid. To decrease the acidic content of apple juice even more, dilute it with water or add a couple of ice cubes to a glass.

Apricot and peach juices are two other types of juices that contain very little amounts of acid, especially when compared to highly acidic juices such as tomato and cranberry juice. A plum is another type of low-acidic fruit, the juice of which is low in acid as well.

Juices made from citrus fruits contain the most acid out of any fruit juices and should be avoided by those who cannot handle a lot of acid in their diets. However, juice manufacturer Tropicana carries a type of orange juice that contains all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that come in regular orange juice, but with less acidity.

In addition to fruit juices, some vegetable juices are low in acid as well, such as cucumber, carrot and cabbage juices. Aloe vera is another type of juice that contains little acid.