How Do Nomads Live in the Desert?

Desert nomads survive in harsh desert climates by continuously moving to find water and grazing land for livestock. Some nomadic tribes survive by raising livestock for milk and meat. Other nomadic cultures like the Touareg are known for creating trade routes across desert sands.

The nomadic way of life involves constant relocation. For nomads in the desert, this is especially the case. Harsh weather conditions and shifting water tables create limited resources. Some nomadic tribes, like the Chalbi nomads, raise cattle, goats and sheep to sustain their way of life. The quest for water and grazing land is essential for these nomadic tribes as a single parcel of ground in the desert cannot sustain livestock for long. After even a short stay, the small amount of water and plant life runs out, forcing these tribes to move to a new location. Some tribes, like the Touareg, focus on trade for survival. Nomadic traders move even more often than nomadic tribes raising livestock. The essential motivation for a nomadic lifestyle rests on water and resources, but nomadic traders use this skill as an advantage to create trade between cultures and people unable to cross the wide desert expanses. Most nomadic desert tribes have perfected methods of surviving including the use of camels or other specialized beasts of burden, the construction of easily assembled and dismantled shelters and the design of light-weight garments that protect individuals from the sand and sun.