What Is the Noise Ordinance Law for Greenville, S.C.?

The noise ordinance in Greenville, South Carolina, defines various prohibited noises and their maximum allowable levels; provides specific exemptions; and outlines enforcement provisions and penalties, notes the City of Greenville in conjunction with Municode. Noise that substantially interferes with the enjoyment of people on public or private property is prohibited.

Musical instruments; electronic devices; mechanical devices and machinery; horns and sirens; and loud vehicles are among the specific noises prohibited, says the City of Greenville. People screaming and yelling are also not allowed. Regardless of the noise level, repeated or continuous noise caused by animals is prohibited. Alarm systems without an automatic shutoff device are in violation of the ordinance. Daytime decibel limits are 60 in the city and 80 in the central business district. At night, the limits are 55 and 75, respectively.

Machinery used for public repairs or maintenance is exempted, as are authorized emergency vehicles, explains the City of Greenville. Bells and chimes that do not exceed five minutes in a one-hour period are exempt. Other acceptable sources of noise include airports, railroads, motor vehicles, fountains, irrigation systems and recreational or sports facilities.

When determining violations, enforcement officers consider factors such as volume and intensity; the source and nature of the noise; and the area where it occurs, according to the City of Greenville. Officers do not need a complaint from the public to request compliance but do not charge anyone unless a complaint is made. Continued or repeated violations are cause for a fine.