Who Are Nike’s Main Stakeholders?

Direct stakeholders of Nike are Mark Parker, Douglas Houser, Trevor Edwards, Donald Blair and Charles Denson, according to Yahoo! Finance. In regards to companies, Vanguard Group and Growth Fund of America are two of the largest stakeholders in Nike. According to Yahoo! Finance, 84 percent of Nike shares belong to institutional and mutual fund firms.

For direct stakeholders, Mark Parker has the largest direct stake, with 602,369 shares. Parker is the president and CEO of Nike, the Wall Street Journal notes. Douglas Houser holds 310,748 shares. Trevor Edwards has 222,958 shares. Donald Blair retains 203,635 shares, and Charles Denson has 181,641 shares.

Within the institutional category, Vanguard Group holds 41,070,422 shares. The second-largest stakeholder is State Street Corporation, holding 32,179,908 shares. FMR comes in at a close third, with 32,006,375 shares. Other companies with top shares are Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, Capital World Investors and Capital Research Global Investors.

For mutual fund holders, Growth Fund of America holds 22,375,000 shares. The second major holder is Fidelity Contrafund, which holds 16,098,612 shares. Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund comes in third at 10,640,877 shares, followed by Vanguard Institutional Index Fund with 7,406,635 shares. The Vanguard 500 Index Fund has an additional 7,208,322 shares. Other prominent stakeholders are SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust and Harbor Capital Appreciation Fund.