Why Is Nike so Popular?

Lonely Planet/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

The popularity of the Nike brands stems from its marketing campaign that pairs successful and charismatic athletes with high-quality attractive merchandise. Memorable slogans such as “Just do it” evoke emotional responses from consumers that become tied to the Nike brand. Social acceptance and reverence for Nike products increases the desire for consumers to acquire them.

Sports hold symbolic significance in society, and Nike continually pairs the iconic swoosh with each one of them. People become emotionally invested in the sports they play and watch. Continual cohesion between Nike products and the sports helps the company piggyback upon those emotions. When admired athletes, such as Michael Jordan, wear Nike products, the fans of the athletes feel more connected by wearing the same products. Some Nike athletes even go on to have their own line products that pair their name with the Nike brand.

Nike develops innovative products every year and inspires a large percentage of their consumer base to return. Nike is responsible for creating the first competitive shoes for distance runners with low weight featuring a waffle outsole. Nike continues to create high-quality shoes and athletic apparel, but the company’s shift toward fashion-focused products is undeniable. In addition to the increasing lineup of athlete promoters, Nike enjoys further success of their brand with the influence of celebrities and musicians who create buzz for certain shoes or products.