What Are Some Nicknames for Bikers?

Andy Whale/Taxi/Getty Images

Many bikers go by nicknames, such as “Two Dog Joe,” “Rebel,” “Comrade,” “Maverick,” “Hawk” and “Gargoyle.” These are just a small sampling of the many nicknames that exist among bikers. Bikers often choose nicknames that they feel best fit their personalities. Some biker games aren’t chosen and are instead given. Often, a nickname that someone has used since childhood, or a variation of a childhood nickname, becomes a biker nickname.

There are many bikers who go by only their nicknames. In these cases, many acquaintances don’t even know the biker’s real name. Other bikers rarely use their nicknames but have still chosen one. Motorcycle Philosophy states that a biker nickname should be short, catchy and easy to remember. It should also reflect the personality of its owner. The nickname is also known as a “road name” and is usually stitched into the biker’s jacket.

Bikers have a culture and kinship of their own. When thinking of biker gangs, visions of cold-hearted, tattooed villains often come to mind. However, this media depiction is hardly the reality. Bikers have official social clubs and often use these clubs for socialization and leisure travel. For some, being a biker is a mere hobby, while for others it is a way of life.