Which NFL Quarterbacks Are Jewish?

Jay Fiedler, Benny Friedman, Harry Newman, Sigmund Harris, Sid Luckman, Harry Newman, Sage Rosenfels, Gary Wood, and Solly Sherman are all Jewish NFL quarterbacks. However, there are no Jewish NFL quarterbacks in the league as of January 2015.

Over the course of NFL history there have been few Jewish NFL quarterbacks. Of the nine Jewish players to serve at the position, only two are in the NFL Hall of Fame: Benny Friedman and Sid Luckman. The most recent Jewish quarterbacks to play in the NFL were Sage Rosenfels and Jay Fiedler. Of the two, the latter enjoyed the stronger NFL career, and started for the Miami Dolphins for four years, finishing three of those seasons with ten wins or more. Sage Rosenfels, who retired in 2013, was considered an NFL journeyman, traveling and trying out on several NFL teams, including the Washington Redskins, Houston Texans, and Minnesota Vikings. His best season occurred with the Texans where he threw 15 touchdowns in one season.

However, of all the Jewish NFL quarterbacks, the best overall is often considered to be Sid Luckman, who played for the Chicago Bears for 11 seasons, and threw more than 100 touchdown passes and 14,000 yards in his career.